“Everybody Street” Documents New York City Photography Legends



Telling the story of New York before and during the Giuliani era is telling the tale of another city, especially in contrast to the present. Many of us may not be old enough to remember it, but the arresting feeling of tension lives in the photographs of key photographers such as Bruce Gilden and Ricky Powell. The story of New York City street photographers (not to be confused with street style) seems like it can only be told by documentarian Cheryl Dunn, whose newest film, Everybody Street, aims to portray New York through the lenses of its most legendary shutterbugs. One can’t help but feel overwhelmingly nostalgic when reminiscing on such formative times, yet Dunn’s documentary also captures contemporary artists like Boogie – whose striking portraiture should be promptly researched if one is unfamiliar. Enjoy the trailer for Everybody Street, which should create excitement for the film’s public release later this year.

paris session